Studio Shed Ideas

Home Office
Our modern world requires that we work in new ways. Experience the benefits of a home office just steps from your back door. Unlike a dedicated room within your home, a prefab backyard office from Studio Shed provides a detached space away from the distractions of home. Your new commute across your yard provides the separation necessary for focused work, but the convenience of working from home.
Creative Studio
Design a space where you can unleash your artistic side! Our lives are busier than ever and it's important to make time for the things that we are truly passionate about. From art studios to shoemaking sheds, a Studio Shed is your creative sanctuary, ideal for fostering your hobbies or even running a business out of.
Wellness Studio
Escape your daily stresses in a personal sanctuary just steps from your back door. A Studio Shed is a place to work out, practice yoga, meditate, relieve stress, and let go. With modern frenetic work schedules, there has never been more of a need to have a place of our own to nuture our health. A Studio Shed outfitted for your personal wellness preferences allows you to skip the drive to the gym or yoga studio and maximize the time you have available for these important activities.
Airbnb | Rental Unit
Make your Studio Shed work for you! With the rising popularity of Airbnb and other peer-to-peer lodging websites, there are new opportunities to make your backyard studio pay for itself. A Studio Shed is the perfect short-term rental, and their detached nature allows for increased privacy for both hosts and guests, allows the homeowner to flexibly rent or use themselves as needed, and provides a new source of income. Backyard studios also boost your home's resale value significantly as our studios typically appraise for 1.5x their retail price.
Music & Recording Studio
Music enthusiasts, vloggers, and podcasters alike will enjoy their very own recording studio to create, rock out, and refine their audio creations in a dedicated space. We have worked with numerous musicians, producers, and industry professionals throughout the country to get them a space of their own where they can pursue their passion for music. For the music enthusiast, optimizing your interior may only require off-the-shelf acoustical panels which are widely available and simple to install. For professional level acoustical treatment, we recommend connecting with third-party professionals who can make your Studio Shed into a truly professional recording or soundproof studio.
Man Cave
Escape the daily grind and create a space designed specifically for you! A Studio Shed is the ultimate Man Cave, refined. The perfect place to get away from it all that not only provides you with privacy from the rest of the household but also allows you to entertain guests with disturbing your housemates. Your Man Cave is a place to relax, create, watch sports, hang out with the guys, or even play golf - the choice is yours!
She Shed
Create a space that's uniquely yours! Whether you call it a Babe Cave, Femme Den, or She Shed, this female-centric alternative to the popular Man Cave is all the rave in home design. With Studio Shed, you can create a relaxing environment outside of the home where you can decompress, veg out, have a wine night with the girls, or get some much-needed alone time.