Studio Shed with Doors Open

Frequently Asked Questions

Planning your studio shed

What is the design, order and installation process?
How long will it take to receive my Studio Shed?
Do I need a building permit?
Does Studio Shed handle permits?
What if I order and the permit is not accepted by the building department?
Do Studio Sheds comply with building codes?
Do I need a soils report?
Do you offer financing?
Do you ship internationally?
Who will install my Studio Shed?

Studio Shed Product Questions

How long does production take?
Is this a kit?
What does your Lifestyle Interior include?
Do Studio Sheds have electricity?
What’s included in the Electrical Package?
What about heating and cooling the Studio Shed?
What type of foundation do I need?
Are they weatherproof?
Are Studio Sheds ADA compliant?
Do you offer a warranty?