Order Process

Before purchasing we encourage you to schedule a project consultation to go over this process and discuss the installation, permitting, foundation and other site work requirements for your particular location.

Call 888-900-3933 or click here to schedule.

Any construction project is complex and subject to many variables.  To ensure you will have the best experience, we have developed the following process.

Before Ordering:

  1. Browse the Studio Shed Costco Next site and schedule a project consultation here.
  2. Check into any permit requirements. Member is advised to check with their local building department before ordering to determine zoning and required permits. Permitting the Studio Shed and compliance with all applicable local building codes is the responsibility of the member. Additional charges will apply for permitted installations. Studio Shed offers a building permit plan set for purchase. Homeowners Association (HOA) approvals for the project also are the responsibility of the member. 


  1. After your project consultation, when you are ready to place your order, add your Studio Shed to the cart and begin the Checkout process.
  2. Enter in your information for billing and shipping and place your order.  You do not pay at checkout.  You will receive an order confirmation.
  3. Reply to the order confirmation email stating you have had a project consultation or you declined the consultation.  If you do not reply, you will be contacted via phone or email asking for a response.
  4. Within 1 business day you will receive an order invoice.  You can pay via ACH or credit card.
  5. You have 3 business days from when you pay your invoice to cancel your order.  Beyond the 3 business day timeframe, orders cannot be cancelled and full refunds cannot be given.

After Payment:

  1. Once payment is made, Studio Shed will contact member within 1 business day to discuss the project.
  2. After purchasing, members are required to provide photos of the build location and site access and to ensure the building will be placed out of setbacks, any easements, and 6’ from another structure.
  3. Member needs to provide these site conditions. Site level to within 6” across the footprint of the building. Access to electricity within 150 feet and 3 feet of clearance around the shed are required for proper installation.
  4.  Production/shipping dates are advised after confirmation of site conditions and permit needs. Un-permitted units typically ship 3-6 weeks after payment. Installation is typically 6-8 weeks after payment coordinated with the local installer’s schedule. Permitted projects have a longer timeline.

Shipping and Installation:

  1. One week prior to ship date, Studio will email member of the upcoming installation and what to expect during the install. Note: site work is an additional 1-2 days and often done prior to delivery day.
  2. Installation of the unit:  Day 1- Unload, stand walls, install roof. Day 2-  Siding, trim, door install. Days 3-4  Electrical, drywall. Days 5-6  Paint interior, flooring, trim out.
  3. Build will take 8-14 days including site work for 10x12 un-permitted unit. Larger units will take additional time.

After Installation:

  1. At end of the build, installer coordinates a walkthrough with the member for signoff on our certificate of completion (COC).

Additional notes:

  • All dimensions are approximate.
  • Member is responsible for all permits and/or HOA approvals that may be required.
  • Assembly site should be level within 6".
  • Minimum of 3’ feet of construction clearance around the shed from other structures (fences, trees) required for proper installation.
  • Delivery is also subject to suitable access.  The installer reserves the right to refuse delivery/installation.  Your money will be refunded if the site does not provide a safe work environment.